Andrea was one of our first students and has been back regularly doing projects, and has worked up to the big one, a new settee. We made a frame for her from her reference image, and Andrea has webbed and foamed the frame, cut the fabric and then covered it- job done!

Now she has a fireside chair on the go, watch this space as we look forward to sharing it.





Another student Doreen should be an inspiration for any ‘couch potatoes’.

When Doreen and her daughter Mahina attended the classes we knew she was a little older than most students. Doreen had a project to recover a wing chair which had been given to her by a friend. Doreen and her husband had intended to recover it, but Doreen’s husband died two years later and the chair remained in the garage for another sixteen years! Obviously not one to give up, Doreen called into the factory one weekend, saw we had upholstery classes, and finally she had a chance to cover the chair.

Doreen is 82!! She stayed a week in Martinborough at her daughter’s place, and worked away each day, up to 6 hours one day. She managed to do about 80% of the chair, only needing help on the really tricky bits.

It was a pleasure to have her in the factory, definitely no excuses for the rest of us. Doreen invented “JUST DO IT”


A couple of upholstery class star pupils